Pros and Cons Of OVHcloud 2022 – Detailed Analysis Of Benefits And Limitataions

Pros and Cons Of OVHcloud 2022 – Detailed Analysis Of Benefits And Limitataions

Are you also thinking of buying OVHcloud services? Before investing your money in anything you need to know each information about that product or service. Here in this article, we are going to let you know about some pros and cons of OVHcloud. But before that, you should know “what OVHcloud is? “

What is OVHcloud?

Major Pros Of OVHCloud That It Has Large Userbase

OVHcloud is a France-based company with its headquarters in Roubaix which provides VPS dedicated servers and other web services. In the year 2019 OVH was the biggest hosting provider company in Europe and all over the world. It is also considered as one of the best web hosting for beginners.

OVHcloud provides almost all web services that anyone needs for a successful online project like- Domain names, web hosting, dedicated servers, CDN, Cloud environments, etc.

What are the Pros and Cons of OVHcloud?

For making a perfect decision regarding your purchase, now we are discussing all the benefits and limitations of OVHcloud that will clear your all doubts.

Advantages of OVHcloud

There are many Cloud hosting provider companies in the market that compete with each other. But OVHcloud is a far better option for other companies in many other ways. You can read all those benefits of web hosting  that you will get with OVHcloud:

OVHcloud Secures Your Site From DDoS


  • Various services at one platform: OVHcloud is a perfect blend of rich features and high-quality web services for its users. You don’t need to shift to different providers for different services. You will get all the web solutions like- web hosting, Domain names, Cloud hosting, emails, Dedicated servers, etc. on a single platform OVHcloud. 
  • Best speed: OVHcloud has plenty of networks in the entire world that helps in serving you the fastest speed connection and can make your work process better. OVHcloud has all of these important features of web hosting.
  • Data Centers at the global level: OVHcloud primarily focuses on customer satisfaction and the convenience of customers. It setups its data centers at the global level that are always ready to help you to resolve your all query. 
  • High-class infrastructure: To secure your confidential data and for protecting your online projects OVHcloud has an Anti-DDoS infrastructure that gives security against attacks.
  • Easily affordable: It is much more affordable than any other company and widely used by millions of customers. Its cheap price is also one of the reasons for that. It comes with three different prices depending on the period. And the best thing is that using the OVHcloud coupon code will help you to make massive savings on it.

Disadvantages of OVHcloud

Disadvantages Of OVHCloud That Server Is Slow

Apart from benefits, OVHcloud also has some limitations and you just need to know all those limitations before purchasing it. Below we mentioned the drawbacks of OVHcloud:

  • Slow servers in Europe: If you are a native of Europe then sometimes you may observe a slow speed over there. The European servers of OVHcloud work on an average or at a fair speed that might be dissatisfying with you but the Speed of American servers is far better than any other.
  • Limitation on Content Management System: The other and most annoying problem with OVHcloud is that there is a limit on pre-installed content management systems. If you are willing to extend this limit then you have to pay extra for that.
  • Advance features only at premium pack: If you want to use advanced features or tools then you need to go for a premium package. This will allow you to get advanced tools that are not affordable for everyone.
  • Hard to get a refund: If somehow users don’t want to continue with OVHcloud and demand their money back then, It is too typical to get refunded within a short period.

Pros and cons of OVHcloud 

Advantages of OVHcloud Disadvantages of OVHcloud
  • Daily data backup and on-demand recovery.
  • Highly secure data centers in the world.
  • Anti-DDoS infrastructure for protection against attacks.
  • Unlimited monthly traffic.
  • High-Speed connections.
  • Advance features and tools
  • Slow servers in some European countries
  • Advance features for an additional fee.
  • A time-consuming process when it comes to the refund.
  • A limitation applies to pre-installed content management systems.



At last, we can conclude that there are plenty of pros and cons of OVHcloud but still you can use it. The OVHcloud is a perfect web service provider company. The features and benefits of using OVHcloud are enough and we can consider it the best web solution company.

But, if you are demanding any other feature then you are most welcome. We advised you to take your decision after concerning both aspects and need to think a while before purchasing this software.              

Frequently Asked Questions / (FAQs)

Is OVH a good provider?

 “Yes” If you are hunting for a one-stop solution that is well enough to host all your requirements just like cloud hosting, email, and web hosting, etc. 

Who uses OVH?

At this time more than 105+ multi-national brands are reportedly using OVH In their tech stacks.

Does OVH have DDoS protection?

Yes OVH has the most advanced anti-DDoS solution in the market that assures their customer data keeps safe and secure. Apart from DDoS protection OVHcloud also has some highly advanced methods that ensure your privacy.


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