Difference Between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Difference Between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Shared Hosting is one of the popular hosting types that is used by most people for many years. Because it gives all the handful features that a fresh website needed. On the other hand, WordPress Hosting is a new type of hosting that’s increasing in popularity every day and also has good features for the website. But what the difference between Shared hosting and WordPress hosting made them alike with each other. Let’s find.

Real Difference Between Shared Hosting and WordPress Hosting

Here we have taken some important features that tell us the real difference between shared web hosting and WordPress web hosting. 


Shared Hosting is the most common hosting type that is used by newcomers who want to start their website and earn money easily. Shared Hosting gives an average speed of web page loading that a website needs. Page-load time totally depends on your web hosting provider because the speed of servers depends on the hosting provider’s server types. Some companies use highly advanced servers and on the other hand, some use cheap servers. 

Choosing WordPress Hosting gives you almost 2.5X faster speed that improves your website loading duration which is very helpful for your website. The faster your website opens the more people love to use it and Google Search Engines also gives preference to those websites that load faster.


In Shared Hosting, a server is shared with multiple websites at the same time and that creates the possibility of breaching website security. If a website gets hacked  Or malicious by any malicious code then there’s a chance that all websites on the same server will be affected by the program and could lose the data.

There are so many paid and free plugins available in WordPress Hosting for your WordPress site to make your website secure. Also, there’s an automatic backup & restore feature available (for example in HostGator WordPress Hosting), which you can use to restore your Necessary data if your website data gets corrupted or deleted by any cyber attack.

difference between shared and wordpress

Technical Support

Any Web Hosting provider company offers technical support or customer support to its customers. Even in every hosting from Shared Web hosting to Dedicated hosting. The experts are available 24*7*365 every day. You can contact them to solve your problem(related to hosting only not the personal one lol). Different hosting companies provide different features to solve the customer’s queries like:

Chat Support

Call Support

Community Support and some others

Top web hosting companies like HostGator and GoDaddy Provide Customer support in WordPress web Hosting to handle the customer’s query related to CMS (content management system) and WordPress. If any problem occurs related to WordPress handling or WordPress hosting then the support will be there to help you every time.

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Shared Hosting gives low resources compared to any hosting plan and most preferably for new websites that have less traffic. In shared web hosting if one website owner consumes all the resources like a storage then all other sites that are hosted on the same server must have to share the resources that cause slow down to all websites.

If we compare Shared Hosting with WordPress hosting you’ll see that you get higher resources in WordPress hosting. It allows you to upload more useful data and more visitors can access your websites. Also, your website’s speeds won’t go down and your users can enjoy it.

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There’s no doubt that Shared hosting is the most affordable hosting that gives enough resources to a fresh website. So newcomers Or beginners can easily improve their skills and website traffic and can upgrade their plan later. Most Websites take time to get decent traffic. That’s why people start with shared hosting because of its affordable cost. 

WordPress Hosting is a little bit expensive. It starts from almost $5.95/mo* but gives more features in comparison to shared web hosting. If you look at features with the same cost then you will find that it’s not that costly as it looks.


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