5 Advance SEO Strategy to Boost Your Site Performance

5 Advance SEO Strategy to Boost Your Site Performance

In a competitive environment Getting more traffic and generating revenue is not an effortless task when you are depending on SEO. But here is the most Advance SEO strategy by implementing these techniques you can surely rank higher on SERP.

Topic to be discussed to optimize your website is Crawlability, on-page optimization, Offsite (link building), content creation, and last but not least SMO (social media optimization). 

1. Crawlability (Organize your SEO foundation)

Search engine crawler is similar to a guest on your website if you give an organized and maintained structure to the bots then it would first step the to appear easily on search engine results. So what are those aspects first is maintaining your robot.txt file (it is a .txt file which tells search engines crawler that these pages of the website should not be crawled)? When you submit a robot.txt file to Google then the crawler easily identifies that page will not be indexed.

The Next Step is to update your sitemap (It is a list of your web pages in which your product pages, blog pages are submitted) by updating your sitemap you made an easy task to the crawler. Instead of many pages indexing, the crawler will only index your updated pages. This would be good for your website.

The third aspect is to change content formats. If you are using Silverlight content then you have to change it into HTML5 or JavaScript because Silverlight content is almost underpaying on SERP. So This is must important to change this format which we discussed above. Now you have updated your sitemap, created a robot.txt file, and changed your content format.

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2. On-page Optimization

On-Page SEO optimization is one of the most important advanced SEO strategies that must be used by experts. But, if you are planning for your business then you should have the proper knowledge of digital marketing.

(i) H1 heading with keyword: According to expert analysis, Google gives more preference with H1 Heading in your content. It will not only work for search engines but helps the visitor to understand what your content is concerning.

(ii) URL should be short: By applying these tactics the probability to rank on SERP is higher than the long URL.

(iii) Internal and external links in your content: Internal links should be on your website which will support the visitor to get more knowledge on the correlated topic. By inserting internal linking on your website you will be able to crawl your other page. External linking- If you put an external link of high authority and relevant website example Quora, wikihow.com, Wikipedia.org on your website. Again it will help you rank higher.

(iv) Use a Keyword in your title tag- what a benefit of systematizing this, So when someone searches a related keyword which you have been used in your title tag then the chance is increased to clicks on it and after that, it will help to generate heavier traffic on your website.

(v) Put Keyword in your Meta description- This is additionally a great factor to get more traffic and optimizing for the Search engine crawler would be more beneficial.

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3. Offsite (link building)

Now the most important thing is to make relevant and high authority backlinks to your website. If you want to surpass your competitor then you have analysis your competitor. You can use Semrush or Ahrefs where you can analyze your competitor. You can use a contrasting or alike strategy of your competitor, where they are more active, on which social media they more active what is the source for procreating high traffic. You can use the black hat SEO technique to get the links from different sites. 

4. Content Creation

To surpass your competitor, content creation is also one of the highly effective ways. Research that keyword on which your Competitor is a higher rank. Use SEO tools like Ahref to do a content gap analysis based on your products, market, and relevant search phrases. Either you can use a free tool keyword planner (Google ‘tool) or Google Trends which help to set which is keyword is good for you. This time consuming but it will 100% works.

5. SMO (Social Media Optimization)

In the Modern world social media like Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram, and many more which is leading worldwide. So this is a good opportunity to take advantage of it by answering consumer questions related to your product. Quora is a great social networking site that also helps to boost your website traffic.

Final Verdict

We have discussed the top 5 advance SEO strategy in which we explained how robot.txt file, updating the sitemap, On-page optimization, content creation, off-page (link building), and lastly social media optimization is necessary to come up high rank on SERP. This would be enough material for your website Ranking.


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